Our Expertizes

Beyond its ability to understand the key drivers of a new sector, Aurige Finance has decided to focus on a limited number of sectors. Committed to offering its clients an outstanding service, and, therefore, a comprehensive knowledge of the strategic issues at stake in each sector, Aurige Finance has developed a solid expertise in:

  • HVAC and electrical engineering
  • Aerospace subcontracting
  • Wines and spirits
  • Food Industry
  • Banking, insurance and financial services
  • Hotels and tourism
  • Infrastructures and transportation
  • Pharmaceuticals and health industry

Aurige Finance supports its clients from the genesis of a transaction to its completion, whatever the need is: Mergers & Acquisitions, equity advisory or debt advisory.

Debt Advisory

Companies face strategic issues as varied as asset acquisitions, external growth, investment projects or even operational or financial restructuring. As part of the funding of these projects, an optimal balance must be reached between equity financing (see "Equity Advisory") and debt instruments, both traditional (senior bank debt, etc.) or hybrid (mezzanine debt, etc.). Aurige Finance supports its clients in finding appropriate financing solutions for their projects:

  • Acquisition financing

  • Refinancing

  • Dividend recapitalization

  • Staple financing

  • Asset-backed financing

The structured approach proposed by Aurige Finance aims to optimize the conditions, timing and sustainability of debt solutions:

  • Determination of funding requirements

  • Optimization of the financing structure

  • Comparison and assessment of debt instruments to meet specific financing needs

  • Financial modeling and covenant calculations

  • Consideration of legal and tax impacts in collaboration with other advisors of our clients

Mergers & Acquisitions

    Acquisition advisory: acquisition mandate

    • Definition of an external growth strategy

    • Identification of potential targets

    • Approach and analysis of the selected targets (strategy, human and financial means, potential synergies, valuation)

    • Financial modelling and sensitivity analysis

    • Support to the buyer during the negotiations with the selected target(s) offering the best strategic fit and procurement of an exclusivity agreement

    • Coordination of the due diligences

    • Support to the buyer during final negotiations and the closing of the transaction

    Sales advisory: sales mandate

    • Definition of a strategy

    • Drafting of the Memorandum of Information and preparation of the valuation approach

    • Financial modelling and sensitivity analysis

    • Identification of the potential buyers, presentation of the Memorandum of information and assistance during the selection of the offers

    • Setting up and supervision of the data room

    • Assistance to the seller during the final negotiations with the buyer and the closing of the transaction

A remuneration structured to align mutual interests

Aurige Finance’s remuneration for these transactions is made up of two elements:

  • A fixed part, the retainer, paid at the signing of the mandate or at various stages of the transaction

  • A variable part, the success fee, due at the closing of the transaction, and if successful only

The success fee is, most of the time, a gradual percentage of the sale price for sales mandates and fixed amount, previously agreed-upon, for acquisition mandates. It represents, in general, more than 90% of the total amount of the fees.

Equity Advisory

Regardless of their stage of development, business projects have financing requirements that can not necessarily be met, when needed, by the shareholders or partners of the company. These requirements can be covered by recourse to debt (see "Debt Advisory"), equity or hybrid products.

Thanks to its ability to analyze, understand and integrate a strategy previously specified, Aurige Finance offers to shareholders and managers the credibility of its analyses, its know-how in terms of business plan and memorandum of information but also its knowledge of the private equity industry.

The structured approach proposed by Aurige Finance aims to optimize the conditions and the timing of these equity raising operations:

  • Determination of funding requirements

  • Financial modeling and optimization of the financing structure in order to limit the dilution of shareholders

  • Identification and assessment of investors likely to support the project

  • Writing and communication of the information memorandum to selected investors

  • Organization and supervision of the data room

  • Assistance to the seller during negotiations

  • Coordination and monitoring until the closing of the transaction