About the auriges

During antiquity, chariot races were one of the main attractions of the Ludi Romani (Rome games) as well as of the Greek games. These races, lasting the entire day, gave rise to numerous bets in an over-excited atmosphere. The chariots were owned by rich Roman families and were ridden by auriges. The chariots were simple boxes assembled with two wheels, similar to war chariots once. As they were extremely light, the weight of the aurige was the only source of stability.

To lead their sponsors’ chariots to victory, the Aurige needed clearsightedness, experience and pugnacity. Most of all, they had to be fully dedicated to their sponsors and pay particular attention to their carriage.

These founding values are shared by Aurige Finance’s team who is willing to provide its clients with a top quality service and devote all its efforts to ensure the success of their transactions.